Another Buddipole Upgrade!

Following on from my last post, I put my FrankenBuddiPole up in the garden this afternoon and it worked just fine, but then I realised the Triple Ratio Switched Balun has a maximum power rating of 150w, which while perfect for field use, is a bit low for use at home. So, I decided to perform another upgrade!

Enter the BalunDesigns 1:1 Isolation Balun, with a 5KW power rating!

Here she is:




Buddipole Antenna Repair and Upgrade

I’ve owned a Buddipole antenna of some form or another for a number of years and have steadily upgraded it, spending a frankly silly amount of money along the way to create a pretty portable and fairly well performing multi-band HF antenna.

In it’s current form, it works well from 80m to 10m, thanks to replacement “Silver Bullet 1000” coils from Wolf River Coils and the long black telescopic whips from Buddipole.

I had already replaced the original centre piece with the stronger “VersaTee” to help support the added weight, but had to stop using the original Rotating Arm Kit as they would no longer stay in place.

This summer, while demonstrating the antenna in my garden to a visiting amateur, I let the painters pole mast down a little too quickly and the abrupt stop at the bottom caused one of the whips to snap at the base (even with the knurled base accessory installed) and both the arm tubes to bend and come away from the plug/screw at the end. Upset at my rookie and costly mistake, I mothballed the antenna over the autumn and only got it out yesterday to see what I could do to fix it.

I decided to drill a hole through the ends of the arms and whip, through the tube and aluminium / copper end plugs, then insert a screw and nut though the hole to keep it all secure. This is the result which I’m quite pleased with:


I then thought I’d tackle the Rotating Arm Kit to see if I could make it more like the new revised version that Buddipole sells, which has pins that lock into the VersaTee to stop it rotating. A bit of measuring, drilling and screwing later and this is the result, which works great!




A good evening’s work if I do say so myself 🙂

I’ll hopefully be able to get it back on the air this weekend!