AA6E’s Tiny Python Panadapter on a Raspberry Pi


Well, what a learning curve this has been! After about 20 hours work, and a bit of expense, I now have a working Panadapter / Waterfall for my Elecraft KX3.

Is it a PX3? Of course not, but it shows what is happening around the frequency I’m listening to (good when trying to make contact with a DX Station working split), it’s a fraction of the price and is available now. I still have a PX3 on order though!


Here’s a quick video of it working (on Instagram):

I am a total newcomer to Linux, Bash Scripts and Python programming, but with lots of Googling, some emails from friendly amateurs, patience, coffee and beer, I muddled through and have a working device. Because I’m kind; I’ve documented the entire process for you to follow 🙂

Click to access M0JMO-Tiny_Python_Panadapter-Raspberry_Pi_Setup_Guide-v1_2.pdf

Have fun and let me know when you get yours working! I’m @JoshMurray on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “AA6E’s Tiny Python Panadapter on a Raspberry Pi

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  2. Hello Josh, did receive my adafruit display yesterday and today everything is working, very good tutorial !!! is more easy now to see any band frequency activity on my KX3 🙂

    Jacinto Rebelo

  3. Hi, forgot to say, I still didn’t receive the Griffin iMic, so I tested my Emu 0204 USB sound card and works 100% … and I didn’t have to use any audio isolator circuit, waterfall very clean.


    • Hi Jacinto,

      I’m really glad you have got this working! I don’t think I can live without the panadapter/waterfall display now; it’s so fascinating to see the signals on the screen 🙂

      Good news that you have successfully used a different sound card too.


      Josh de M0JMO

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