Hardrock-50 HF Amplifier Build – Day One


Today I started to build my Hardrock-50 (HR-50) HF Amplifier Kit, which I got for Christmas from my Mum and myself.

The first thing to do was to replace two SMD capacitors on the main board (C5 and C31) because the factory installed incorrectly rated parts.

I can’t remember ever replacing any SMD components before, so this was quite unnerving; however once I got the main board into my PCB holder, fired up the Weller and found my wife’s tweezers from the bathroom, I was all set and didn’t find it too difficult after all.


Next I fired up the PDF manual on my computer and started following the steps to the letter!

First up was the front panel with the LCD and buttons. This was pretty straightforward. The header pins were pretty close together and the rings to solder to on the PCB are minute, but it didn’t take long to complete.




Next up was the rear panel, which was more straightforward and didn’t take long to complete. I guess the SO239 sockets and Anderson Power-Pole socket will be installed later.



That’s it for today… Next stop torroid / inductor winding! I want to get rid of this flu virus entirely before attempting those!

Cheers, Josh!

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